Raymondville Chamber Of Commerce

Raymondville Chamber Of Commerce

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

The Downtown Area Has A New Look Thanks To Two New Murals By Ramon Claudio

Ramon Claudio's two new **murals** in the city's core are a welcome addition. In a stormy sea off the coast of Padre Island in 1554, three Spanish ships carrying $10 million in silver and gold and 410 passengers ran aground.

Raymond Ville 100th Birthday Celebration With A Party To Remember!

**Raymondville 100th birthday** celebration in 2004 with a gala that included a parade, dance, food, and fireworks. Raymondville had a party to remember!

The Advantages And Benefits To Join Your Local Chamber Of Commerce

Business owners are constantly on the lookout for new networking opportunities to connect with other small business owners and grow their business networks. One excellent way to accomplish this is to **join your local Chamber of Commerce**!

What Is The Definition Of A Chamber Of Commerce?

A **Chamber of Commerce** is a network or association of businesspeople formed for the purpose of promoting and protecting their members' interests. A chamber of commerce is frequently comprised of business owners who share a common location or interest, but can also be global in scope. They will elect leadership, appoint representatives, and deliberate on which policies to advocate for and promote.

About The Raymondville Chamber Of Commerce

The **Chamber of Commerce** is celebrating its 70th year as an organization dedicated to attracting new businesses, promoting existing ones, promoting tourism, and assisting in economic development in Raymondville and Willacy County. The Chamber's diverse responsibilities include relocation assistance, business networking, and community development initiatives. The Chamber of Commerce is governed by a board of directors comprised of twenty members and is staffed by an executive director and an assistant.

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