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The Downtown Area Has A New Look Thanks To Two New Murals By Ramon Claudio

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Ramon Claudio's two new **murals** in the city's core are a welcome addition. In a stormy sea off the coast of Padre Island in 1554, three Spanish ships carrying $10 million in silver and gold and 410 passengers ran aground.

Ramon Claudio's two new murals in the city's core are a welcome addition.

A mural is something that most of us have seen at some point in our lives. On your regular commute, you may come across murals. From the tiniest of settlements to the world's largest cities, murals may be seen everywhere. As a sort of public art, murals have been around for millennia.

Traditionally, murals have been painted directly onto the surface of a wall or ceiling, a technique that has been around for centuries. However, unless the mosaic is an integral element of the overall design, the term "mural" does not cover paint on fired tiles.

There have been murals in existence since the beginning of humankind, when cave drawings on walls were first produced. When murals became the primary type of public art, they were seen in classical architecture and cities. While most of us associate murals with the outdoors, they may be painted on a variety of surfaces inside and outside of a building.

Let's take a look at the new murals of Ramon Claudio below.

Santa Maria De Yciar, San Esteban, Esperitu Santa

In a stormy sea off the coast of Padre Island in 1554, three Spanish ships carrying $10 million in silver and gold and 410 passengers ran aground. Many of the survivors were killed by Krankawa cannibals. Over 35,000 pounds of gold and silver were recovered from the Gulf of Mexico during the same year. When modern salvage techniques were developed in the 1960s, they uncovered far more treasure. For hundreds of years, Dos Reales and Quatro Reales coins have been washing ashore after each storm.

The Salt Of The King

Capt. Juan Jose Balli received a land grant of 315,000 acres from Charles III, King of Spain, in 1784. El Sal del Rey and La Sal VIEJA, two extremely valuable salt lakes west of Raymondville, were part of the area protected under this agreement. "All minerals belong to my royal crown," declared the King. The 1867 Texas Constitution granted landowners tax-exempt ownership of mineral rights. As a result of this change in the law, Texas is a major producer of oil and gas. People from around the world have come to these lakes in search of salt or to fight for the riches they contain.

Why Are Murals So Important?

For the benefit of the community, businesses, and tourists, murals can serve several purposes: they can communicate the story of a place; attract more people; boost tourism; raise awareness of local artists; and make a place more visually appealing.

What Is The Purpose Of A Mural?

There are a plethora of uses for murals. For many centuries, murals were used to decorate public and private spaces. However, throughout time, murals have evolved into a platform for social and political commentary. A historical event can be commemorated or recorded through the use of murals.


Finally, a mural's relationship to the community's history and values is critical. As a result, locals are more likely to want to preserve the mural, and it attracts tourists looking for art that symbolizes the region's culture. This fosters a communal attachment to the painting. There are several ways a city might involve the community in mural creation: through the choice of a design or an artist, in selecting a location for the mural, or in helping to paint it under the artist's guidance. You need a muralist who will listen to and engage the people, as well as support the process of creating a truly community-based mural.

If you're looking for an opportunity to communicate a community's story and create a unique experience for your visitors and locals alike, murals are a great way to do just that. Allen thinks that Fort Smith is the same way. We are strengthening our community, supporting the arts, and providing a lively quality-of-place for their employees and families when a firm or consultant visits Fort Smith, Allen added. It's a big advantage for Fort Smith to have a strong arts program compared to other, larger cities.